Butchers' Scimitar Knife 24606/8/2/0 33606/8/0/2 (Options)

Available with choice of Regular, Ergonomic or Wooden handle with 6"/15cm through 12"/30cm blade.
The picture is a 6"/15cm Blade with Regular Handle.
Full choice of handle colours.

6"/15cm Blade / Regular Handle - 24606
6"/15cm Blade / Ergonomic Handle - 24606E
6"/15cm Blade / Wooden Handle - 33606
8"/20cm Blade / Regular Handle - 24608
8"/20cm Blade / Ergonomic Handle - 24608E
8"/20cm Blade / Wooden Handle - 33608
10"/25cm Blade / Regular Handle - 24600
10"/25cm Blade / Ergonomic Handle - 24600E
10"/25cm Blade / Wooden Handle - 33600
12"/30cm Blade / Regular Handle - 24602
12"/30cm Blade / Ergonomic Handle - 24602E
12"/30cm Blade / Wooden Handle - 33602

For sale to over-18s only. Please pay using a credit (not debit) card to prove your age and do not use the PayPal payment option after check-out. If a credit card is not used or if the PayPal system is used, proof of age will be required.

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