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Many thanks for the Chefs Knife just received in the post. Feels and looks excellent, look forward to using it. I now know where to come for such things. (Granton Knives)<
Again, many thanks. DB, UK

Thank you so much! The knives are amazing! Great products realistic prices and amazing company service. Cheers.
Will be using again. (
Granton Knives)

Knifes arrived safely this morning. Many Thanks. Excellent knifes. (Granton Knives) Regards....DS, UK

Mission fulfilled. As promised our order was today, Saturday, delivered at 12.30 p.m. We are so pleased with this beautiful piece of silverware and are gratified that we will be able to take it with us on our trip to New Zealand as a gift for the silver wedding anniversary of our daughter & son-in-law. We look forward to them and our three granddaughters making good use of the slice for serving the festive pies/puddings/cakes.
We know and appreciate the extra efforts you have made in ensuring our requirements were met. We send a great thank you. Please also pass on our thanks to those who helped. Your services cannot be faulted.
May we end by wishing everybody a very Happy Christmas & a peaceful and prosperous New Year.
Sincerely, E & CA, UK

Magnificent! Superb service!! The order only took four days to arrive on my doorstep from UK and to think it stood for one of those days in Botany, Australia. The quality is outstanding, and makes my current set of cutlery look very worn indeed. Well after 30 years it would. I will get the old pieces re-silvered and refurbished. That will be next month. Can't wait.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
GB, Australia

My parcel has arrived today in good order. The items are superb.
Thank you for your exceptional assistance and service.
Wishing you continuing success.
Kind regards, GN, Australia

I can not begin to tell you how thrilled I was to receive your email today. Most of the time when someone from a business tells you they will do something like you told me you would do with Mr. Ablett it never gets done. You went above and beyond what most people would have done for a customer. I think I must have told everyone at work what a great person you are for getting me this information from Mr.Ablett . I am also very happy with the fact he knew the knife and could confirm it was a old version he did, that was very exciting to find out I have one of his old knifes. I picked this knife up for just a few dollars and I feel as if I got a great deal. I will be ordering some more knifes from you very soon.
Kindest Regards, DT, USA

Ref a problem with an item sent to the USA:-
Thank you so much for your help and support for looking into this issue and trying to resolve it. I am impressed with the customer service i have received. Thanks again so much for your help and great customer support.

I received this today and OMG, it is gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so very much, my wee nephew/godson will grow up to appreciate it.
Kind regards JS, UK
(this relates to the Child's 3-piece Cutlery Set)

I received the flatware in Kings today. I am delighted. I will be ordering more in the future. Thank you for your patience with me.
As Ever, Dr. VP, USA

Excellent service from your company and in particular your Mr Robert Day. Very helpful. I ordered a Arthur Wright pocket knife as a gift for a friend, received it this morning and it is excellent. Quality service matching a quality item. I will most certainly buy again. Please feel free to publish this on your customer feedback. Thank you.

Just wanted to say thank you for excellent service and nice items.
Well done.
JB, France

Got the order last week - replacement rattail silver fork.
it matches my existing full wedding set ! so now we can celebrate our 30 year anniversary with a dinner .
excellent personal traditional service
yours LK, UK

Thank you so very much for your wonderful service.
The cutlery and the canteen arrived so quickly and we are absolutely delighted with them.
We really do appreciate you keeping us up to date from the time we initially ordered.
Your consideration made it the easiest purchase I have made.
Again many thanks Sincerely MS, Australia

G’day Robert
As promised I am writing to let you know that the parcel arrived this morning safe and sound. We are delighted with them and the quality of the items we purchased.
Thank you very much for your attention to this order. It is only about 9 days since you emailed me to say that they were on their way so obviously no hold-ups along the line.
You can be assured that if we need anything further in the silver line, you will be the first port of call to see if you can provide it and we will be letting anyone who requires silverware to contact you for a price, etc.
AM, Australia

Following some Customs paper-work earlier this week we were delighted to receive our cutlery set in todays mail.
The cutlery is exactly what we wanted.
This was our first occasion of internet shopping so we were a bit apprehensive however your system was clear and easy to follow which engendered trust and confidence.
Thank you very much for the set and for the help that you have been to us.
Regards, I and JT, New Zealand

The knife arrived in this afternoon's mail and is fine; I am sure that my Father will be delighted with this replacement for his beloved Granton knife which unfortunately fell to bits a few weeks ago - I believe the knife was older than me and I am 62. I think that this one may well outlast the old boy.
Very Best Regards, NH, UK

I received the cutlery late yesterday. I must let you know I am extremely happy with it. The quality is outstanding. You just can't get cutlery of this standard anywhere in Australia. Thank you so much.
KS, Australia

Just to say thank you very much for the cutlery which arrived yesterday.
I am delighted with the knives, as they are just what I wanted and will enjoy using them.
Regards JG, UK

Dear Sirs,
Having just returned from a cruise on the Aurora and witnessed first hand the rough treatment that your cutlery is subjected to, I felt that I had to write and congratulate you on such superb craftmanship.
Mrs S

Dear Mr Day,
I'm writing to let you know that I am thrilled with the cutlery from Elkington which I received in January. I will be visiting friends in W.. in June and would like to order more place settings ...
Mrs H

Dear Mr Day,
Just to let you know that our order has been delivered yesterday and that the four items match our cassette perfectly!
Perhaps it is useful for you to know that the English 'rattail' is equivalent to the traditional 'Haags Lofje' in Dutch.
We are very pleased.
Kind regards,
Elizabeth B.M.J.

I'm P's wife and would like you to know that the cutlery arrived today, no problem. I'm thrilled that we managed to complete our cutlery for 12. The rest of it I inherited from my family and it's 150 years old (Dixon). Thank you very much for the excellent service.
Valerie W, Chile

I am very happy with the set and it represents excellent value.
Thanks for your email

Good morning Robert,
I wanted to let you know that the package arrived yesterday afternoon. In time for the party last night. My future Daughter in law was thrilled with the silver plate flatware. It will serve quite nicely until they get their sterling.

That's fantastic news! I look forward to receiving it in the next few days.
Once again, I would like to thank you for your help - you have been most kind.
With best wishes.

Just wanted to let you know I received the flatware yesterday and I love it! Thanks for your follow-up.

Great. Thank you. Excellent service!
Best wishes

Very pleased to advise the order was received in good time and has been presented - the recipient is absolutely delighted, he is a Scotsman who likes to carve a good joint of roast beef!
Thank you for your prompt, efficient and courteous service.
Best regards

I received the order and the sets are wonderful.

Thank you, Robert.
It was remarkably easy to do business with you across the ocean. The world is certainly getting smaller!
Ann J.

Thank you very much. Cutlery arrived today all present and correct.
Would like to thank you for the excellent service.
Sally R.

I received the flatware yesterday and they are so pretty and perfect!! I haven't seen such lovely flatwere in USA or Japan, where I came from.
Thank you very much.

Thank you very much,
The cutlery arrived in great condition on Monday of this week just in time for a wonderful birthday breakfast with friends on Tuesday. I have used it all week long since then and am very happy with my purchase.
Thanks for following through on this order.

Hello Robert
This is just to say that the cutlery set arrived yesterday and we are delighted with it. Thanks again
LH, New Zealand

Dear Mr Day
Just a quick note to say thank you for your excellent service in delivering the Strathmore, and various accessories, to H.. Not only were all the items in order, but due to your good timing we were able to enjoy using the Silver during the Easter festivities.
Thank you once again for your services.
Kind Regards.
Mrs JB

Dear Robert,
We received today the spoons. They are really nice.
Thanks very much
With our best regards,
C at SSA, Switzerland

Hi Robert
Just to let you know I received my cutlery and am absolutely thrilled with it!
JC, S Africa

Hello Robert,
The package finally arrived due to long delays by the streamlining of Customs (streamlined for them, not us). We are very pleased with them (the cutlery, not customs). Thank you. From my point of view, I would have preferred slightly heavier, but from my research of cutlery over the ages, these are actually a very good weight and twice the weight of some 1930 desert knives which I bought over eBay, and better made than them as well. The desert fork is amazingly similar to some 1860 ones I bought. They are the same weight, but yours is a bit more solid near the base of the handle. Build quality is very similar and faultless in both. So anyone buying from you that were worried that the quality will not be as good as the traditional makers, need not worry. I consider the value for money to be exceptional and the service we received from you was exemplary. Thank you. If you want to put my email address so anyone can ask me what I think, feel free as these are worth recommending.
Regards and thanks,
Greg. (osspeak@tpg.com.au)

Dear Mr Day,
Many thanks for the Elkington silver cutlery which I received today. It is wonderful!

I picked up the parcel Friday morning. I am very pleased with it. Thank you for all your help.

Ref the Carving set ordered, I can confirm that I have received the items & that I am very pleased with them (some positive feedback - I will now be able to carve the turkey).

Arrived today
Very happy with everthing
WM. Australia

The cutlery rolls arrived this morning and they are great. Thank you very much.

Re knives sharpened :-
Dear Mr Day,
We have had all our knives back for some time now. We are very pleased with the outcome and once again thank you for your efforts:-
Thanks again
R and A M

Thank you for the very speedy delivery of the cutlery we ordered which arrived yesterday in perfect condition.
Yours LP

Good Morning,
I picked up the cutlery yesterday. We had a wee bit of a problem arranging delivery, but all is well and the set looks absolutely fantastic.
Thank you.

Dear Mr. Day,
I am pleased to report that our cutlery arrived yesterday in good order. Thank you very much for your assistance.
Best regards,

Hi Robert,
I received the package this week. The knives are to come.
The cutlery looks fabulous and of course very happy.
J. Australia

Hi Robert
I picked up the set from the Post Office today - thank you, it is beautiful. I must admit your email came just in time as I was intending to cancel the order.
Just a quick question - should the set have come in any sort of presentation box/bag? I can't remember.
Thanks again,
The missing box was sent out next day by first class post.
Hi Robert
Apologies for the late reply; I've been away. The box arrived safe and it was lovely; my sister was very pleased with the Christening present for her little boy - she now has an 'heirloom'.
Although the wait was ridiculous (you may want to change your website to indicate that items made to order may take longer than six weeks), your communications were very good, which to be honest is why I didn't get fed up and ask for my money back.
Good luck with everything going forwards.
Thanks and regards,
EXPLANATION: - this was not an order for cutlery. It was for an end-of-the-range child gift item (which has now been deleted) and the factory had to make a special one-off order to meet the request. Special one-off orders can be delayed.

Hello Mr Day,
The canteen cabinet has arrived today. It is very good quality and well worth the wait. Thank you for your help.

Dear Robert,
The order arrived this morning and everything is wonderful! better than we thought!
Many many thanks
ET, London

Hi Robert,
The cutlery arrived yesterday and we're very pleased with it.
Thanks again for your terrific service.
Kind Regards,
Jane C.

Order received in full and in perfect condition.
Thank you for excellent service, especially for keeping us so well informed when the disaster struck.
(flooding at one of our suppliers' factories) Hope that things get back to normal for you in the near future.

Dear Robert,
The cutlery order arrived at my home on Monday. Everything is beautiful and arrived in fine condition.

Our order arrived yesterday in fine condition. We're very pleased.
The postman seemed quite thrilled to be delivering something from the U.K. via Royal Mail.
Thanks again!

Dear Robert,
Thank you so much for sending me the serving spoon so promptly. It arrived on Monday. I will enjoy using all of the new pieces during the holidays.
Best regards to you,

Dear Robert,
I received the parcel yesterday. Everything seems fine and as expected.
Thanks again and best wishes,
SS, Canada

Dear Robert,
Just to let you know the cutlery arrived safetly this morning here in Switzerland.
I am very pleased with it.
Thank you for all your help.
Kind regards
SM, Switzerland

Dear R P Day
Yesterday I ordered 2 sets of Arthur Price cutlery from you.
This morning at 8.15 they arrived on my doorstep.
The price was very reasonable and your service has been excellent.
Many thanks.

Hi Robert,
Just a quick note to say that the package arrived safely yesterday.
The pieces are everything we hoped they would be, they look great. We hope to add to the collection in the future.
So thanks again,
Yours N & G, Australia

The spoons got here safely and they are excellent.
Thanks very much (restored a fading wedding present ready for our 25th).

The two carving sets arrived today and they look magnificent. We shall be giving them to our two children over Easter and I am sure that they will give each family a lifetime of use.
Many thanks.

Hi Robert,
Parcel received in good condition.
I love the quality.
I wish you had trays.
HA, Kuwait

Dear Mr Day,
All has safely arrived at 9.45 a.m. today. Thank you for your advice, assistance and courtesy.
Yours sincerely,

Yesterday the cutlery arrived.
Everything is right according to the list.
Thank you and hope we shall make another transactions in the future.
Best regards
RZ, Spain

Received pruning pocket knife today - very pleased. Thank you.

Hello Robert,
The oyster forks have arrived in good order.
They are very nice I must say. Worth the waiting.
I'll contact you if I need more cutlery parts.
Best regards,
GJS, Netherlands

Thanks Robert.
I received them this week and am very pleased.

I realize that I have not thanked you for finally being able to send the Elkington Plate cutlery to me. They eventually arrived on my doorstep without a problem, and I am very pleased to have them.
Many thanks.
MH, Canada

Dear Mr Day,
Just to say thanks for a speedy service and quality product. I purchased a snooker chalk holder for my nephew's 21st Birthday, and both he and I am delighted with it. I wish I had known about you before, as I originally planned to purchase it from a local shop, but they had stopped selling them, despite being in close proximity to the Crucible. I wasn't online at the time, and so it was only when I was able to search that I found you. I would definately use your service again, everything from start to finish was commendable.

Thank you for your continued help and guidance concerning my order for ...
I have to say that it is unusual in this modern world to receive such care and attention, but having said that, it is only what I would expect from Sheffield.
Your website is now permanent in my computer.
- and a follow-up: Hello Robert,
My sincere thanks for an excellent service, Goblets arrived this morning.
Best wishes,

Hello Robert,
I say thank you the cooperation, the chests (empty canteens) you arrive, beautiful very decorative.
Have nice day.
Best regards.
FM, Hungary

Hi Robert,
The spoons arrived on Saturday ­ they're beautiful. Thanks very much for your personal attention to my orders. My friends B and JB were absolutely thrilled with their wedding gift and have confirmed that they will be looking to build up their collection in the coming years.
Thanks & kind regards,
LF, Scotland

Hi Robert,
I received my tankards today, thank you very much.
Thanks again for all your help in making sure that I got them in time!

Order arrived.

Many thanks for your efficient service - my teaspoons arrived last Friday and are a perfect match for the rest of the set.

Thank you so much for the fish knife which is a perfect match- I'm delghted. I appreciate all the effort you went to to get me sorted with what I needed.
Best regards, DT, N Ireland.

Hi Robert…..
Cutlery received this afternoon!
Fantastic product, fantastic service.
Many thanks once again for all your help.
Kind regards, LD, UK

Hello Robert,
Just letting you know that the sauce ladle has arrived safely. I am thrilled with my purchase and I want to thank you very much for your time and effort into getting it posted to me.
Once again I'm very happy and thanks a million!!
cheers, VW, Australia

Hello Robert,
your parcel has arrived.
Thank you for the nice items,
Best regards, GJS, Holland

Hello, Mr.Robert
Thank you for your great and respect reply to my order.
I hope to be in contact with you for another set (that sure) when I go back to Egypt.
Thanks again, MS, UK
and :-
Good morning Mr. Robert
I am pleased to confirm to you that I received my kings cutlery this morning, more fast than I dream, So, I am very happy to deal with a great company as your company , and thanks again.
Please wish me good luck in my study at ..., and if you can advice me if I ask for the same cutlery from Egypt , how much I should pay to send it to me in Egypt.
Thanks again.

Re: Silver Plated Snooker Chalk Holder:
Hi Robert
Sorry for delay in replying away last week so just got parcel. Everything was great, thank you.
MW, Scotland

Grape scissors received, Excellent service, Thank you.

Thanks the replacement arrived today. Great service.

... the cutlery has just arrived & its lovely!
Thanks for your help
Kind regards HK, UK

Thank you Robert for your great customer support and fast action.
Regards, RAR, Kuwait

Received the flatware December 26, and even though after Christmas we used them for my daughter's birthday, January 3. They look great and will probably be ordering more when able to do so.
Thanks for getting the order out as quickly as you did.
Have a great New Year.
TC, Texas

Thank you, I received it on Saturday and my Grandmother is very pleased! I appreciate the effort you went to for this.
Thanks, OW, UK

Dear Robert,
Just to let you know that the knives arrived today and will be shortly packed into cases to go back to Australia.
Thank you so much for the “going above and beyond”.
Yours truly, JH, UK

Thank you very much, we've got the last package! We've got the all 5 packages.
It's so beautiful! We are very happy with them.
Thanks again, HP, Australia

Order arrived today, made it through the ash! Thanks so much, lovely.

Good news, they arrived today. They look great. I wish it wasn't pizza night tonight!.
Cheers, JMN, Australia

I've received the goods. Thank you for the prompt response and excellent service.
Regards, ZA, Singapore

Thankyou for expediting this order. The cutlery arrived on time and the bride is thrilled and says it is beautiful. In making Internet purchases it is not only the seller who experiences qualms, but also the buyer! I am so pleased that this order went well and that we are both pleased!
PMI, S Africa

Good morning gentlemen,
My order arrived an hour ago, and I would like to praise the fast and efficient service that you all provided in getting this lovely present to us so quickly.
G..... my great grandaughter is one year old on the 10th of October, the cup that you've produced I am sure she will treasure to her dying day.
Thank you all. Regards DM, UK

I would just like to thank you for your excellent service. My order was processed rapidly to meet the very tight deadline I had optimistically requested.I am delighted with the quality and presentation of the cutlery. Thank you.

Many thanks for your advice that the order has been despatched. I will advise you as soon as I receive them. Your service and communication has been excellent and we are all looking forward to seeing the finished products.
Best wishes Sincerely AM, Australia

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