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Why Buy Loose Cutlery?

Some customers prefer to slowly build up to a large collection of cutlery that might be beyond their budget to purchase all at the same time. Persons seeking loose items of cutlery are often replacing missing/lost items. Sometimes, we are asked to supply a number of items that were not included in the originally-purchased cutlery e.g. you might now require a set of steak knives or coffee spoons that you do not already own. We will do our best to help you.

IMPORTANT WARNING - Please do appreciate, however, that cutlery patterns may change slightly over time, even from the same supplier, so we cannot always be sure to offer a 100% perfect exact match to the pieces that you own.

Please see this FAQ which contains more on this subject and which describes our policy when it comes to matching - Possible Matching Problems. Please follow the recommendations within that FAQ to avoid being left with badly mis-matched cutlery.

Small Orders Might Be Delayed

If you are seeking loose items of cutlery as opposed to sets, we can usually help you. However, some of our suppliers make everything to order and it is not always speedy to supply. Please appreciate that the factories may be being asked to set up their machinery for a few items to be produced and this is not always an efficient use of their production time. They really prefer to supply larger collections. Very small orders may sometimes be delayed until they can be combined with other orders for the same pattern from elsewhere. In those circumstances, please allow for possible delays beyond the standard timescales. If in doubt, please Contact Us for further guidance.

Which Piece - Which Size - Which Exact Pattern?
See Cutlery Shapes & Sizes for information as to what we call the various pieces and how large they are. You may also view some good images via this link to make sure that you have correctly identified the cutlery pattern that you own: Pattern Selector. It can be easy to mistakenly order dessert knives instead of table knives or to choose the wrong pattern altogether. If in doubt, please ask before ordering.

Sheffield Cutlery can usually be supplied in small quantities. This brand is usually made to conventional "Sheffield pattern" shapes and sizes for a wide range of styles.

Arthur Price brands are usually available in small numbers. Here is the starting point for Arthur Price Cutlery - all ranges. Arthur Price cutlery is not necessarily the same shape or size as Sheffield cutlery. If you need guidance, we are here to help you.

Elkington / James Dixon - is generally only available in full sets or, if you require specific pieces e.g. steak knives, the minimum number of those pieces that you can order is likely to be 12. Elkington / James Dixon cutlery is made in Sheffield so if you require just a few items in their styles, you should check the Sheffield Cutlery options because the sizes will tend to be the same. The makers' mark will be different though.

Order Some Spares Now?

If you are considering ordering a full set of cutlery now, we do recommend that you think about ordering some extra pieces at the same time. Small items, such as teaspoons, are very easy to throw away by mistake. A missing item can really spoil a collection and may even spoil your dinner party. Because patterns might change slightly over the years, it could be hard to find a good match for your cutlery when you need to buy some replacements for the missing pieces 5, 10 or 20 years down the line. If you buy those extra cutlery pieces now, it will ensure that none of your dinner guests has to make do with a mis-matched piece of cutlery in the future.
cutlery patterns
Click here for the Pattern Selector where you may view the latest 'versions' of available cutlery styles.

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