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The links on this page are for our customers who wish to make belated or one-off payments. It is not for standard orders which take customers to payment pages that are dedicated to the order forms which they have completed or those completed via the shopping cart.

The links can be used when you may have completed an order form but maybe hesitated, or encountered web problems during the payment process. For example, if you have completed an order for £x worth of goods but lost the connection to the regular payment page, then click on the link below and enter your details, plus the value of £x and you will be taken to our Payment Service Providers' page where you may complete your payment.

Some of our customers find that their credit cards have temporary problems and they need to speak to their card companies to fix the hold-ups. By the time that these problems have appeared, the order form will have been received by us, but we are left puzzling why the payment did not arrive. If you wish to make a payment at a later time than the time when you completed the order form then these are the links to follow.

If you are nervous about paying online with a credit card then please contact us for alternative payment methods e.g. you may prefer to pay by cheque (check) but please ask first if you wish to pay in a currency other than UK Sterling.

The link takes you to a secure page, and then on to WorldPay which also operates payment pages in a fully secure environment.

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