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Cutlery that is made in Sheffield comes with a guarantee of high quality that can immediately be seen in the design and manufacture of cutlery available with the Elkington/James Dixon/Cobb brands that are available via this web site.

Please see the technical details below, or check out our Customer Feedback to appreciate what quality you might own were you to order cutlery and flatware from this web site.

Elkington Silverplated Nickel Silver Cutlery:-

  1. 40 year guarantee
  2. elkington & company flatware
  3. Fully dishwasher-safe (see here)
  4. 100% Made in Sheffield, England
  5. 25 microns NOW 35 MICRONS of 99.999% pure silver organically plated
  6. Easy clean silver instructions
  7. 11% nickel silver extra strength base metal
  8. Sheffield made hardened Martensitic Stainless Steel blades
  9. Wooden cutlery cabinets made in Sheffield
  10. Wood for cabinets comes from sustainable North American forests
  11. Elkington cutlery exceeds British Standards BS.5577*, and International Standards ISO 8442 and conforms to F.D.A. and US Public Health regulations and European Health Directives
Elkington 18/10 Stainless Steel Mirror Finished Cutlery:-
  1. 50 year guarantee
  2. Fully dishwasher-safe (see here)
  3. 100% Made in Sheffield, England
  4. 18/10 highest hard quality Sheffield spoon, fork and knife handles
  5. Hand polished and hand mirror finished
  6. Extra heavy quality spoon, fork & knife handles
  7. Sheffield made hardened Martensitic stainless steel blades
  8. Wooden cutlery cabinets made in Sheffield
  9. Wood comes from sustainable North American forests
  10. Elkington 18/10 stainless steel conforms to British Standards ISO 8442, F.D.A. and US Public Health regulations and European Health Directives
For more information on Elkington, please click here to read about the History of Elkington.

Elkington Silver Cutlery:- In 1238, King Henry II comanded six reputable craftsmen in the silversmith trade to control and regulate standards. This was to stop greedy and unscrupulous manufacturers defrauding the public by substituting white base metal for the prized and much sought after precious metal silver. Thus was created the British Hallmarking System which is probably the earliest recorded piece of consumer protection, and over 750 years later, is unquestionably the most enduring.

A hallmark gives the purchaser a visible guarantee of quality. Before any piece of Silver can be hallmarked, it is individually tested at the Assay Office to determine its purity, and if found to be of the required standard laid down by statute, then, and only then is it hallmarked.

Elkington's sterling silver cutlery is hallmarked at the Sheffield Assay Office. To learn more about what this means you may visit the Assay Office web site.

See our page on Silver Cutlery & Gifts for more details of the high quality available in sterling silver items for sale on this site.