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15 Tunwell Greave
S5 9GB

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Privacy Policy


If you are looking for a cutlery pattern that you are not sure about, please see our Cutlery Patterns page firstly.

We can assist you to obtain (some) items from the Arthur Price, Inkerman, Butlers, Osborne, Elkington, James Dixon and Frank Cobb ranges and many traditional Sheffield-made patterns. However, some patterns have evolved or been discontinued.

If you are looking to match items which you have from way back, we recommend that you ask us in advance regarding the precise comparison of present day patterns with those from the past. A number of styles have not been retained and the patterns may have been destroyed/discontinued.

It may be advisable to send us a good quality (scanned/digital) image of your cutlery for the factory to study. Even surviving 'standard' patterns change over the years in small ways. You will want to satisfy yourself in advance regarding compatibility if you are not to be disappointed. Do remember that our Returns Policy only permits the return of goods which are faulty, and that we are unable to send out items for trial or comparison purposes only. Samples can be purchased at the standard price.

If you are concerned about matching, perhaps a small order would be advisable with a view to a larger order at a later date if you find that a good match is possible after a visual examination by you. We do have an FAQ about matching to existing sets of cutlery.

These pictured patterns have been discontinued and are not available -
rochester   discontinued items
discontinued pattern   Old Style Dubarry
chippendale   canteen box
James Dixon Pattern   laurel
Westminster     Also Glamis pattern.

These patterns are also unavailable from this site:
Albany / Belmont / Continental Bead / Dunstall / Feather Edge /  Fiddle & Thread / Fusion / Gadroon / Galaxy / Imagine / Indigo / Inspiration / Lotus / Orb / Papaya / Queens / Reed & Shield / Regency / Simplicity / St. James / Victorian Bead.

Our Shopping Cart contains images of a wide range of patterns. We do have access to some other possibilites, however. We "may" be able to provide you with alternative versions of Old English, James Dixon pistol handles (JD Pistol pic), Howard, Versailles and Pompadour, Pembury (EPNS only) (Pembury pic) & Whitehall.

Send Us an Enquiry to tell us your wishes and we will do our best to assist.

James Dixon Plain Pistol Frank Cobb - Howard James Dixon Old English

For items not shown above, why not take a look at the possibilities provided via these sites -

See the following links which may help identify your pattern:
Stainless Steel Cutlery
Silverplated Cutlery
Sterling Silver Cutlery

If you are still struggling to identify a pattern, here's a book that lists hundreds of patterns. Check the Stainless Flatware Guide by Bob Page, Dale Frederiksen.

This page shows images of hundreds of patterns: Online Flatware Guide.


Please see the following links for an explanation of makers' marks and company information:

Showroom & Prices