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Cutlery Repairs & Restoration

Here we are able to offer you the ability to have your cutlery/flatware restored* to near the condition it was when originally purchased.
* - Some limitations and exclusions apply.

Send us your old cutlery and we will have it repaired and refurbished. It is likely an image or two will be required to help the factory assess the work required.

Services Available


Whilst restoration to the precise original condition might not always be possible, depending on the current condition of the piece(s), significant improvements should be evident.

Some damage cannot be repaired e.g. deep pitting, corrosion, broken finials, holes, detached trophy handles, chips or deeply scratched items. Re-Soldering will not be possible.

If you have items that are may be too far gone, it may be better to consider replacing with new. Previously, we have been sent items that have been found in rivers etc. so a repair/restoration may still be possible.

You can send the item(s) in for assessment or Submit Digital Photographs. Should the piece prove to be unsuitable for repair/refurbishment we will only charge you for return postage.


Unfortunately, on occasions, damage can occur during the renovation process and this is unavoidable. This may be due to hidden aspects e.g. the tang of a knife blade may be corroded within the handle and may break off. It would be impossible to see inside the handle prior to working on a knife. Some other problems can occur and they might not be forseeable until work has begun or has been completed. Please note that you will be required to accept the possibility that some items may break or become otherwise damaged/marked notwithstanding the best efforts of the workforce at the factory. If you do not wish to take the risk, then please consider replacing rather than repairing/re-polishing. The factory reserves the right to decline repair work after inspection of pieces where damage is too great or there are serious risks of further damage during renovation work.

Postage & Insurance

These will be quoted on receipt of a detailed specification from you as to which items you need to be repaired and the numbers required. It helps if you can give us an estimated value for insurance purposes when we return the re-worked item(s) to you. Basic postal insurance is for a low value unless enhanced cover is taken out. Please state the value on the enquiry form below so that your return goods can be covered at higher levels than are provided by basic mail services.

When sending the piece(s) to us, please include: Your Name, Address, Postcode, Phone Number, E-Mail Address, Insured Value and a Description of the Work Required.


Please do not use this form to offer us your own goods

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