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SGIAN DUBH - Sheffield Steel
+ Genuine Samba Stag Handle

Made by The Arthur Wright Workshop

Now, a chance to own a genuine Sheffield-made Sgian Dubh hand crafted by The Arthur Wright Workshop. These are also known as dirks.

Each Sgian Dubh comes with a genuine Samba Stag handle and it's own leather sheath. As you will see from the photos the colour and pattern of the stag varies from knife to knife with no two knives ever looking the same.

Be the envy of your friends and family with an Arthur Wright Sgian Dubh in your possession.

The Sgian Dubh blades are approx 3.5 inches in length which means that they may only be sold to persons over the age of 18. Proof of this age will be established if you pay by credit card via our main payment service providers: WorldPay. If you pay by PayPal (any card), by debit (not credit) card or by any card that may be issued to persons under 18, proof of age will be requested (e.g. copy driving licence, copy passport). Please ask for details if unsure. Sorry about this but the law is the law.

Click the link below to order online -

Sgian Dubh - Made By Arthur Wright
Sheffield Steel + Genuine Stag + Leather Sheath.
Blade approx 3.5" in length.

Price: £49.15
+ p/p (& + VAT in the EU)