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About Grantons


With roots dating back to 1601, Grantons have been making professional knives and accessories in Sheffield for many generations. Over the decades, this family-owned business has evolved from producing many form of cutlery to knives, scissors, tuning forks, razor blades and other items.

Granton Edge

The Granton Edge was originally designed and patented by the company in 1928, and since this time almost every knife manufacturer in the world has tried to duplicate the edge. The Granton Edge was originally designed specifically with the professional user in mind and has taken generations to perfect the manufacturing process. A Granton knife blade has a row of identical dimples or scallops that have been ground into each side of the blades. Unlike a serrated edge, a Granton knife has a typical honed sharp blade edge. A Granton edge does not hinder blade quality, but rather enhances the knife's cutting and slicing performance. This blade edge is now being used on many types and sizes of knife.

The purpose of these scalloped-edge blades is to prevent food from tearing and produce intact slices of food. The scallops allow the blade to slide past the food without catching or bending it. This helps moist or clingy food to fall away from the blade.

A Granton Edge is a great blade feature to look for when you're buying any type of kitchen knives.

So, what is so good about the Granton Edge that all other knife manufacturers want to copy it?
This can be split into 3 categories - the material, the processes and the finishing; The knives are made from fully hardened and tempered stainless steel to ensure maximum edge retention.
Next, there is the heat treatment process which has been developed over many years. This, along with the grinding process, is the real secret of the knife. The steel must be strong enough to ensure that the fine cutting edge is maintained for the longest possible duration.
Finally, there are the Granton Edge scallops. The series of small scallops that make up the Granton Edge are ground alternately on each side of the blade by hand with great precision. This ensures that each knife performs perfectly for the longest possible time by retaining a fine, razor sharp cutting edge for far longer than a traditional plain edge knife. The scallops also provide an additional benefit in that air is allowed to enter between the blade and the cut product, enabling the cut slice to fall away from the knife and not stick to it.


All Granton Knives are available with standard black or colour-coded handles to comply with the latest safety and hygiene regulations, and with a choice of blade and handle types. The handles are made from moulded polypropylene. Unlike many other knife manufacturers, we are able to offer any knife with any of the handle colour options.

The knives are available with 4 handle types - Regular, Ergonomic, Ergonomic Safety & Wooden.

All of the handles are designed to withstand rigorous sterilising and dishwasher use and do not present the potential health hazards that are frequently associated with other knives.

The traditional Plain Edge Granton knife is manufactured with over 400 years of experience in knife making.

To complement the traditional Granton range, they have developed a Wavy Cutting Edge. This provides 40% more cutting edge in contact with the product than with a traditional plain edge knife. Made to the same exacting standards, the Wavy Edge provides the perfect cutting edge profile for cutting items such as bread, gateaux and pastry products. The edge requires no sharpening, so is ideal for fast food outlets, busy canteens and restaurants.