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Looking For A Cutlery Company?

We can only help you with cutlery and products from the Arthur Price, Inkerman, Butlers, Clive Christian, Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen, Osborne, Elkington, James Dixon, Frank Cobb & Sophie Conran lines. We have no information regarding any other manufacturers but you may find links to international companies from our Rare Items page, or to local companies via our sister company Sheffield On The Internet's Industry Links.

The Sheffield Cutlery industry is much smaller than it used to be and there have been many name changes or mergers with other companies. If you need to contact a particular company, try Thompsons Directory which is said to contain names, addresses and telephone numbers of UK businesses.

Directory Enquiries

If you believe that the company is still trading, BT has a service to provide telephone numbers online for businesses in the UK. Their site can be found at BT Exchanges.

Sheffield Cutlery Companies

Many Sheffield cutlery companies are no longer in business. Some have merged with others. The owners of Elkington also incorporate Cooper-Cobb, James Dixon's, William Hutton's, Lancelott of Sheffield and Jack Spencer Goldsmiths.

Other companies that used to be based in Sheffield may possibly only be found in the history books today. If you are trying to locate a former cutlery maker and you are sure that it was a Sheffield company, you may be able to obtain some information via this e-mail link - Sheffield Central Library (E-Mail).

Companies House

It is possible that the company may have ceased trading altogether. There is a good resource of company information which you can access here - Companies House. Look on your cutlery for the name of the manufacturers and use that name on the Companies House site to try to discover its whereabouts. Also remember to search on their site for companies which are no longer in business. If this is the case, do remember that many cutlery patterns are universal albeit with some minor changes to the standard pattern. If you would like to check our Current Cutlery Patterns page, you may find a pattern that is very close, or identical, to a pattern that you may be trying to match. Please see our FAQ about matching to previously-bought sets.

You may also find more information on our Information / Valuations page.