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You may use the Showroom Departments menu on the left or see below for choices of manufacturers, brands and products that we can supply. If you have a special request, please use our Contact Form and we will do our best to assist.


Sheffield Brand and Grantons products are made in Sheffield. This is also the case for knives made by Arthur Wright. Other items in the showroom may be made elsewhere - typically some of the Arthur Price styles. Arthur Price has an excellent reputation and you will be able to view the guarantees and quality standards quoted by Arthur Price accompanying the descriptions of each product pictured within this section.


Images of the products that are on sale may be viewed via this section. When you locate a product that interests you, look for the link "click to enlarge". This will give you the best view. As an online retailer, we do not have brochures that we can send you nor costly shop premises that would drive up our prices. We rely on photos and descriptions on our web site to show you what we have. If you need even better photos, please ask.


If you pay by credit card, then your card company will apply the exchange rate at the date of transaction. The Currency Converter service on this site - Currency Converter - should be taken only as a guideline to the price you will pay. Currency exchange rates may fluctuate up or down and are beyond our control. Your credit card will be debited on ordering which will safeguard you from fluctuations in the exchange rate during the manufacture period for your order.

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Ordering terms can be found here - Terms & Conditions of Ordering. Remember that VAT is added if you live in the UK. Arthur Wright pocket and Bowie knives are either in stock or will be ready much sooner. Arthur Price items (including Signature/Clive Christian/Sophie Conran) should be ready within 1-3 weeks except for Sterling Silver items.


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