We have been supplying goods from our web sites since 1999 and have supplied customers all over the world. We know that people may be nervous about placing international orders but, as a mark of our standing and integrity, please take a few minutes to check the Where We Have Shipped and Customer Feedback pages. The feedback has arrived, unsolicited, over the years.
So that you feel comfortable in placing an order with us, please do spend a little time surfing around our web site to review our terms and our system. We hope that you will be happy to send us your order with full confidence in the services that we provide. Nevertheless, should you have any reservations or further questions, please do not hesitate to ask using the Contact Us link.

Orders may be placed via the Shopping Cart on site, by post, fax, or by telephone. The online shopping cart is accessible 24/7 to take your order and permit you to pay securely by credit/debit card/Paypal. Click here for the Showroom.
For bulk order information, please see Trade Enquiries.

Telephone orders from the UK should go to 0114 2467240, Fax orders should be sent to 0114 2467240.
From outside the UK, dial UK 44 114 2467240.

Posted orders should be addressed to:

  R P Day & Co
  15 Tunwell Greave
  S5 9GB

Remittances should be made payable to "R P Day & Co" and the currency should be GB Pounds Sterling.

These credit cards are currently acceptable -

- or you may pay using Paypal (you do not need to have a Paypal account to use their service - see Paypal).

Our main Payment Service Providers are WorldPay, a leading company in this field. We do not ask for your credit card details ourselves if you pay via our web site which uses the WorldPay system. You only reveal your credit card details to WorldPay who do not pass them on to ourselves.

We too need to be sure that all orders received are genuine and, for this reason, please note that there are security provisions in place. We have to verify that your order is real and, for example, that no one is using your credit card without your knowledge. For security reasons, we cannot reveal all of the checks used.

Please note that orders may only be sent to the address of the owner of the credit card which is used to pay for the goods. Exceptions to this are only permitted in special circumstances.

If alerts are issued to us by our payment service providers, please note that we may need to ask you further questions for security purposes. Please do not be offended if you do get extra questions from us. Our payment service providers insist on us making extra checks when factors do not match up on their system so we have no choice but to enquire further. Usually, there is a simple answer and we can clarify the reason for the alert. Nevertheless, we have been sent fraudulent orders in the past and with such valuable, high quality merchandise, we have to act to protect our business, hence the security procedures that are in place.

If you wish to send a payment in your own currency, please use the Contact Form to ask if this is possible. Our payment service providers, WorldPay, offer the chance to select payment in GB Pounds, US Dollars or Euros at the moment of payment. If you wish to pay in another currency, and if we agree, your payment may be subject to a small surcharge to cover our bank charges. In some cases, we will be unable to accede to your request.

The actual rate of exchange will be applied by your credit card company at the time that they transact the payment. Our payment service providers (WorldPay) offer the chance to pay in GB Pounds, US Dollars or Euros at the moment of payment. You may use the Currency Converter but this should not be regarded as providing the precise figure that will appear on your credit card statement. You will be charged in GB pounds sterling and currency conversions will be made from the appropriate sterling figure. The same comments apply whatever is your own local currency.
There is an option to view the prices in GB Pounds, US Dollars, Euros, Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars but it is only possible to pay in GBP, US$ or Euros. Conversions will be approximate and the actual price paid will be calculated by your credit card company.

VAT (Value Added Tax) must be added to orders from the UK.

Should you be visiting the UK but wish to take goods home to a non-UK location, these may be ordered and sent to a UK address. HM Customs & Excise appear to have now made it so difficult (or impossible) for persons to recover VAT on leaving the country such that we have decided not to participate in the Retail Export Scheme which normally covers this type of procedure. Therefore, VAT will be added at the time of purchase if delivery is to a UK address. Although postage costs may be higher, you may wish to consider requesting that we send goods to your home country address instead where VAT will not apply if it is outside the UK. More details of the Retail Export Scheme here - HM Customs & Excise - VAT refunds for travellers departing from the European Community (EC).

Whilst we do endeavour to show you the latest photographs and product descriptions on this site, please note that items may change in design and appearance over time with or without our knowledge. As stated elsewhere, designs do evolve over the years and we cannot guarantee 100% perfect matches particularly if you are seeking to match new or replacement pieces to a set or product that you already own. See our FAQs on the subject for more information.
Please also note that boxes and packaging may change in appearance and they may be different shapes/colours from images on our site.

The only products on our web site with a minimum order level are those from the Arthur Price ranges. The mimimum order is £15.00 per category. Apologies for this but Arthur Price cutlery usually goes to you from the factory who have now imposed a large minimum postage charge.

Over the years, we have received many questions on the products for sale via this web site. Please see our FAQ Page before placing your order in case there are issues which affect you. We will be happy to elaborate on any other questions that you may have.

Some of the goods sold on this site are hand-made, chiefly the Pocket Knives and the Bowie/Sheath Knives. Hand-made goods are different from machine-made items. They are likely to display slight imperfections and evidence of the fact that they were not made to strictly controllable machined tolerances. For example, a handle may not be 100% exactly in line with the blade. The natural materials used on them (buffalo horn, leather, rosewood and stag) might have their ingrained flaws in them unlike, for example, a plastic handle that can be mass-produced by the thousands in a moulding machine. The craftsmen may produce slightly different designs to the ones photographed on our site. When ordering hand-made items, please do make allowances for the hands-on nature of the manufacturing process. Please accept that the value of these pieces is a reflection of the time spent on production by master craftsmen who are not perfect producers but nevertheless have had decades of experience in their trades.

The blades on pocket knives, Bowie knives and similar sheath knives are usually made from Carbon Steel. Carbon steel is not stainless steel so it must be kept dry. Please see the relevant product pages for further advice on how to avoid corrosion.

The companies with whom we deal have differing policies when it comes to returning goods or cancelling purchases after they have been ordered. Some companies have good stocks but some have no stock and make everything to order. Orders from companies who make everything to order are generally not cancellable after work has begun so we ask you to be sure that you do wish to acquire these goods when you ask us to supply.

If you order from any of the Arthur Price ranges, they have a generous returns policy if the customer is genuinely not satisfied with the goods. They will permit returns, exchanges or upgrades if this is the case. But, the returns must be made immediately and the goods must be unused and in perfect condition.

The companies who make to order are Inkermans. If you have made a mistake or you change your mind after ordering these brands, it is essential that any cancellation or variation of an order be received by us before the factory has received the order from ourselves. This will usually be a period of no more than 24 hours, sometimes less, from you sending us the order form. Therefore, we must be notified immediately otherwise the full order will have to proceed for those brands.

Of course, if the goods do not satisfy the requirements of the Sale of Goods Act (English law applies) then we would replace, repair the goods ordered or refund the purchase price at our discretion. We wish to confirm that your full statutory rights are protected and guaranteed.

No returns will be accepted if the whole of the goods and containers are not returned in pristine and unused condition.

All cancellations or returns that are permitted will require reimbursement of our own time and the fees that we have incurred on the order up to the moment that notice of cancellation is received here. Please appreciate that as soon as you press the "Pay" button at our payment service providers, fees are incurred which, together with our own time and costs, combine to an estimated level of around 10% of the value of your order. This will be deducted from any refund money. Postage is not refundable if goods have already been despatched to you.

The foregoing terms apply to consumer purchases, not business-to-business orders which will be taken as firm orders once you have received our acknowledgement of your order. Busines-to-business orders are non-cancellable without our consent.

If in doubt as to how the foregoing may affect a prospective purchase that you have in mind, please ask for clarification.

Some deliveries will require a signature on arrival. Usually, we will send an email, if you have ordered via our shopping cart, to let you know that the package is on its way. Please be sure to arrange for someone to sign for the package on delivery, or that you can sign for it yourself. Unfortunately, we cannot be sure what day or time of day that a package will arrive but if a tracked service is used, we may be able to give better information.

We do require your URGENT co-operation in the event of problems with the packages sent out. IMPORTANT: The following steps are required from you -

a) If you are asked to sign for a package, you should check the contents first.
b) Any damage, even superficial or suggesting potential problems, should be reported to the delivery driver and they should provide some written acknowledgement. Only sign for damaged goods if you accompany the word "DAMAGED" alongside your signature. No other word seems to be suitable to couriers.
c) All goods and packaging must be retained for later inspection.
Courier terms can be very onerous e.g. signing as "UNCHECKED" does not give you belated entitlement to make a claim for damage. If you do not follow the above requirements, there may be no entitlement to replacement goods from ourselves.
If you sign for a package as being in good order then the couriers will not pay out for damage even if there is damage that is only apparent inside the packaging. Therefore, we require you to examine the contents before signing.
If you have to collect from a depot, then the same inspection system is required i.e. check carefully for any sign of damage and append the word "DAMAGED" alongside your signature. You should make the depot staff aware of the damage, get an acknowledgement and reference number and take a name from the person to whom you have complained. Then, send us the name and address of office of delivery as a matter of urgency.

Should you wish to insure against the damage then please select "Add Insurance" during the check-out process. If you do not request insurance then we cannot accept liability for replacement of lost or damaged goods unless negligence on our part is apparent. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do opt to request insurance on goods that you order or that you make your own separate arrangements to insure the goods.
We all know that insurance comes with lots of small print so to protect you and us from potential problems, it is vital that points a), b) and c) above are followed.

Your order for products available from this site will be sent to R P Day & Co, 15 Tunwell Greave, Sheffield, S5 9GB, England.
All warranties, descriptions, guarantees and after-sales service will be provided by the manufacturers. You may telephone your order here to - UK 44 114 2467240. Within the UK, simply dial 0114 2467240. Or fax us on - UK 44 114 2467240. Within the UK 0114 2467240. R P Day & Co will pass your order to the manufacturers as soon as possible.

We do not have any showroom, agents, brochures, catalogues or leaflets that we can refer to you. By avoiding all costs associated with these, we can keep our prices to an absolute minimum.

R P Day & Co are the operators of the web site Sheffield on the Internet at www.SheffieldOnTheInternet.co.uk, a site which was established in 1995. This cutlery site grew out of an offshoot from the Sheffield site and we have been delighted to be able to supply top quality Sheffield cutlery around the world.

The following timescales are not 100% guaranteed - particularly in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic which has severely affected manufacturers and the suppliers of materials and parts. If you have a deadline, please ask before ordering.
Items under the "Sheffield Cutlery" brand are made to order and might need 12-16 weeks to be available, occasionally longer.
The factory may combine small orders with orders from other customers for the same pattern so that they are making more efficient use of their production machinery. This may mean that a small order will take a little longer than normal.
Goods made by Arthur Price are often readily available, typically within 7-14 days, occasionally 2-3 weeks. Sterling Silver items from Arthur Price of England will need approx 12 weeks to make.
Knives from Arthur Wright are occasionally in stock but if we are out of stock, they can take 6-10 weeks to be made, longer if you ask for special requirements e.g. engraving.
Granton knives usually take 3-5 weeks on average.
Sterling silver items need to be hallmarked which involves the goods spending some time at the Assay Office in Sheffield. This can add a week or so onto the time-to-completion period.
Multi-function knife/tool sets and Party Forks/Sporks are usually always in stock.
As soon as we have more accurate delivery date information, we will pass this on to you. We cannot be held responsible for any delays beyond the control of R P Day & Co.

If you have a short or important deadline, please ask before ordering. If you order and cancel, there may be cancellation fees.

Please note that most factories shut down for 2 weeks in summer and also for the full Christmas-to-New Year period. Please take this into account when calculating probable completion dates and order extra early at these times.
Small orders can cause problems where, for example, a non-mainstream pattern is ordered. They may delay commencing work on these orders until it is appropriate to set up the machinery to produce a larger number of pieces. Regrettably, these orders can take rather longer than 12 weeks to finalise. If you have a strict deadline, please ask before placing your order. Remember that once an order is placed, it is taken as a firm order notwithstanding the time needed by the factory to manufacture the goods, and any later cancellation is subject to the terms in the "Returns & Cancellations of Orders" paragraph above.

Please note that for silver or silverplated items which have a blade, e.g. table knives or fruit knives, the blade itself may be made of stainless steel. This is because silver is not a strong enough metal for such purposes. This may result in a slight colour difference. The use of stainless steel for blades is standard practice and will ensure a longer life for your cutlery.

Please also note that silver items may be subject to a silver surcharge. The surcharge can change frequently. The surcharge does not apply to silver plate items despite some items having up to a generous 35/40 micron thickness of silver plate coating (Special Offer items may not be so thickly plated). LATEST - surcharges are re-appearing given the big rise in the cost of silver in recent months. Please ask before ordering sterling silver (EPNS still unaffected).

EPNS means electro-plated nickel silver. Despite its name, nickel silver contains no silver at all, but is a base metal alloy of nickel, zinc & copper. A layer of pure silver is deposited electrolytically on this base metal to give a silver finish. The thickness of the plating varies from pattern to pattern and from maker to maker. Check the description of each for confirmation of the thickness of plating.
Manufacturers may also use stainless steel as the base metal onto which silver is plated (EPSS).

LEGAL OBLIGATIONS - Owing to recent UK law changes, any goods that we sell online that include knives (of any type or size with blades over 3 inches) require proof that the buyer is 18 or over. Paying by credit (not debit) card will be sufficient. Any other payment method used e.g. debit card or PayPal will need you to send us a copy of a credible document that confirms your age as being over 18 e.g. a copy of your passport or driving licence. This can be sent by email.
Certain knives may additionally require an over-18 person to sign for them on delivery.
Sorry for this red tape but we have to follow the law laid down in the Offensive Weapons Act.
Pocket knife blades do not exceed 3 inches so are safe to order and carry. Non-bladed items on our site are also safe to order without these extra steps being necessary.
As of spring 2024, Royal Mail will refuse to carry any bladed items. This means that we have to use more expensive courier services to despatch goods where knives are included (other than pocket knives with blades not exceeding 3 inches).

Please do not ask for parcels to be marked with a lower value than their actual contents, for misleading documentation to be sent with the consignment, or for no documentation to be sent. We appreciate that your national customs services may wish to levy duty on imports but we cannot agree to conspire to defraud them of duties which are legally payable. Any import, customs or other local duties will be your own responsibility and you will be regarded as accepting this when making your order.

If you have any questions about our service, the goods, the ordering process, or anything, please do not hesitate to ask.

Prices on display on this web site are displayed as offers to treat. Confirmation of the sale will not be made until we have had the opportunity to check your order form. This will be after payment has been made by you. If we find that there has been a mistake on the web site as to the price quoted, availability of the goods, or other matter, we reserve the right to cancel the sale. If those circumstances arise, you will be sent a full refund of the price paid for the unavailable items.

Occasionally, supplies are not available from the factory, for example owing to problems such as being out of stock, supply issues, discontinuance of a pattern, or it not being economically viable to set up the machinery to fulfill a small order. Sometimes, items may be sent but inscribed with the name of a different brand name. The quality of alternatively-marked goods will be identical to, or better than, those ordered. If only these markings are available, they will be sent unless you stipulate that only a specific marking is required. You must state specific preferences like this on the "Add Comments" section of the order form. In the event of you having stated on the order form that only a specific marking is required and this being unavailable, a refund will be issued as soon as we hear of a problem concerning availability. It may be best to ask about special requirements ahead of placing an order so that transaction charges are not incurred.

The term "Made in Sheffield" is a protected trade description. At one time, one could confidently claim that Sheffield cutlery was 100% made in Sheffield. However, early in 2009, a major knife-component company in the city closed down and whilst another company took up production, it is believed by us that certain components that form the pieces of cutlery, had to be sourced from other external locations. We do not know where they come from as the companies keep their sources secret, and we are not certain whether those sources are UK or overseas.

Certainly, considerable work is still done in the city relevant to, say, silver plating, assembling, polishing, finishing, quality testing and control, etc. To meet the term "Made in Sheffield" or even "Made in England" is a legal conundrum that is set to keep lawyers wealthy if/when the processes used were ever tested in court.

We do here have a web site with a "steelcitycutlery.com" domain name and do not wish to mislead anyone as to the origins of cutlery sold here. We do not wish to claim that any item is 100% made in Sheffield because we do not know enough about the full manufacturing processes carried out nor the raw material-sourcing that is done by our suppliers. We can assure you that goods sold here are of high quality and, where a "Sheffield-made" connection is claimed or implied, we ask you to take account of the previous comments regarding the fact that it now seems to be a mix of out-sourced components allied to Sheffield know-how, skill and care. Some items sold from our web site or via links from our site that lead to external sites may have no connection with Sheffield at all. If 100% manufacture in Sheffield is vital, please check before ordering.

There may be some instances of older stock which we supply that was made in factories of our suppliers which are not based in Sheffield e.g. Birmingham where Elkington used to have a factory. Please note that there are some items in various sections of our web site, e.g. on our Special Offers page, which may not be made in Sheffield, and the specifications of those items are not guaranteed to match that of merchandise from Sheffield factories. The Special Offers section will invariably display cutlery at lower prices than the main brands but which are usually immediately available from stock.

Many of the goods sold here come with manufacturers guarantees which may be expressed in terms e.g. "25 year silver plate" or possibly "Guaranteed for 50 years". These guarantee references can be found amongst the descriptions accompanying each product that we sell. Guarantees vary from item to item and should be taken only for the product that accompanies the description.

If you have any concerns at all about goods sold here, please ask before you order. We will be happy to answer your questions as fully as we can. Rest assured that items sold on this site are of good quality, made with care and will last for a long time.

Some of the knives and other items sold from this site are very sharp implements. Please take great care when handling for the first time. We accept no responsibility for cuts, injuries or any damage caused to property. Do not allow knives to fall into the hands of minors or irresponsible persons. Knives are dangerous and are responsible for many injuries and deaths. Please take care at all times.

Babies and toddlers should be supervised if they are given any of the childrens gifts or items to play with. Some may contain small parts with a risk of choking should they put them in their mouths. You accept responsibility for use of all items ordered including for any injury or damage sustained by any other party.

We do not sell your email address or contact details to any other party. See our Privacy Policy.

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