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Pocket Knives From The Arthur Wright Workshop


We bring you the opportunity to purchase pocket knives made at the world-renowned Arthur Wright Workshop. These pocket knives show the true craftsmanship of the Sheffield knife maker.

The Arthur Wright traditional Sheffield pocket/pen knives are made with many decades' experience of knife making. The pocket knives are individually hand-crafted in thier Sheffield workshop using methods of manufacture that have been in place for many years. All of the processes that go into Sheffield pocket knife making are done in-house.

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About The Pocket Knives

These 100% Sheffield-made pocket knives come in a variety of styles and designs -

Blade Types

A range of knife blade shapes can be ordered: Clip Point (Barlow), Ettrick, Farmers, Lambfoot, Pruner, Peach Pruner (smaller version) and Spearpoint.


You may choose handles made from any of the following: Ebony, Rosewood and Stag. The knife handles are all natural materials so your knife may differ slightly in appearance from the photos shown.

Knife Handle Types - Ebony - Rosewood - Stag
Arthur Wright Selection

Materials Used

Please note that all materials used to make these knives are genuine, not artificial. The only exception to this is the Bex handles (if supplied).

Carbon Steel

The knife blades are made from carbon steel and fold away safely for true pocket knife portability. Carbon steel is not stainless steel so its needs a bit of extra attention. It can be kept bright and shiny with care. You should avoid leaving your knife to stand in a wet condition. Even the humidity in your house can tarnish the metal if not stored correctly. Certain corrosive liquids can cause staining e.g. if you use a knife to cut an apple, the acid in the apple juice will cause tarnishing. Even fingerprints can transfer moisture to the blade which might stain it. Always clean your knife after use, and store in a very dry location. Carbon steel has an advantage over normal stainless steel in that it can produce hard, sharper blades.
All of the knives come with Brass linings & nickel bolsters.

The Knife-Making Process

Pocket knife blades are cut from sheet steel and the blades are marked, nail-nicked and drilled prior to the hardening process. After hardening and tempering, the blades are given a polish and are sharpened ready for assembly of the parts: blades, springs, linings, bolsters, handles and rivets. More grinding, shaping and a final polish leaves us with the finished product. See this Video and How Knives Are Made for more details.


velvet pouch to carry pocket knife

Each knife will be sent with a velvet pouch which looks good and which you may use to carry the knife in your pocket to protect the handle from scratches from keys and coins (There is an option to remove this).

Legal To Carry

The pocket knife blades' cutting edges measure between 2.3" and 3" inches in length for ease of carriage, storage and use (full blade length may be longer but includes the portion of the knife blade that forms part of the hinge inside the bolstered section; the cutting edge lengths will be shorter and within the legal permit to be carried by responsible persons under the age of 18).

Trade Enquiries Welcome

We look forward to receiving enquiries from retailers of this type of item e.g. gift shops, gardening suppliers, hobby shops, fishing equipment retailers, boating accessories, sporting/country goods, etc. If you would like stock for your retail establishment, please order well in advance of any deadline that you may have. Click here for our Trade Enquiry Form.

Do you Have A Deadline?

If you have a strict deadline date or are looking for a different knife not shown below, Please Ask before ordering.
Please note that payment is made at the time of placing of the order. Persons who order, pay, and then cancel before dispatch will be charged a fee of up to 10% of the value of the order to cover our un-recoverable payment-processing fees and our administration time.
These knives are usually in stock and can be sent out straight away.

Pocket Knife Uses

Pocket knives are perfect to own. Ideal and thoughtful gifts for him or for her.
Suitable for country life, gardening, hobbies, crafts and a 1,001 other uses. A pocket knife is a great product that is hand-made and a lasting souvenir of Sheffield, the traditional home of knife making.

Types Of Knives Available

Clippoint Blades

Clip Point (Barlow) Blade Pocket Knives with single Nickel Bolster.
70mm/2.75" knife blade.
Available with Rosewood or Stag handles.

Ettrick Blades

The Ettrick started life as a small gutting knife. Due to its comfortable handle and short blade it has since become a great general-purpose pocket knife, easy to carry and particualrly popular with whittlers. A very handy small bladed pruning knife ideal for budding and delicate work.
Brass linings on a large, easy to grip handle, nickel bolster.
60mm/2.3" knife blade.
Available with Ebony, Rosewood or Stag handles.

Farmers Blades

A sturdy no-nonsense utility knife with a wide blade, brass linings & nickel bolster.
70mm/2.7" knife blade.
Available with Ebony, Rosewood or Stag handles.

Lambfoot Blades

A smaller version than the Farmers blade with single nickel bolster.
71mm/2.8" knife blade.
Available with Ebony, Rosewood and Stag handles.

Peach Pruner Blades

Pocket knife with a small pruning blade, brass linings, and nickel bolster. Popular with keen gardeners, allotment holders and professional nurserymen.
60mm/2.3" knife blade.
Available with Rosewood handles.

Pruner Blades

A very attractive medium sized pruning knife. Popular with keen gardeners, allotment holders and professional nurserymen. Pruner Blade Pocket Knife with single Nickel Bolster.
74mm /2.9" knife blade.
Available with Rosewood or Stag handles.

Spearpoint Blades

Spearpoint Blade Pocket Knives with single Nickel Bolster.
71mm/2.8" knife blade.
Available with Rosewood or Stag handles.


Pocket Knives are supplied with a Velvet Pouch which looks good and which you can use to carry the knife in your pocket to protect from scratching of the handle by your keys or coins. (There is an option to remove this).

Our Selection Of Knives

Due to there being an element of hand-manufacture in the making of these knives, the quoted blade lengths should be regarded as approximate and may vary slightly. Measurements include the whole of the blade length. The cutting portion of the edge will be shorter and within legal limits for the carrying of a pocket knife.



Blade Type

Handle Type

Blade Number

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