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Cutlery / Flatware Re-Silver Plating Service

Other Items of Silverware Also Renovated - Tea Services, Candlesticks, Cups, Trays, Bowls, Ornaments, Trophies, etc

Here we are able to offer you the ability to have your silverware re-plated to restore it to near the condition it was when originally purchased.

Send us your tired, old cutlery or silverware and we will have it repaired, replated and refurbished. Polishing is also available for Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver products.

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Why not get your family silver rejuvenated? Sterling silver items can become tarnished despite regular cleaning over the years and a new coat of silver would be just the job to bring it back to near-original condition.


The process of replating was discovered in the 1840's. A nickel silver or copper item is coated with silver cyanide where the additional silver is applied electrolically (using a current). This deposits the silver onto the base metal and ensures a strong adhesion and an even coating. The more silver that is applied, the longer it is expected to last before needing replating again. For more details, see the EPNS page.
As a rough guide 10 microns is expected to last 20 years with reasonable care and use before requiring replating again, 20 microns 30 years and 30 microns 40 years.

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The price you will pay depends on the thickness of silver that is to be re-plated, the number of items and your location. Non-cutlery items will usually need only 10 microns of new silver but cutlery with higher usage might need more and we can offer you 3 choices of thickness for cutlery:

These prices are typical for Standard Cutlery Pieces -

10 Micron Thickness

(20 Year Plate*)

£6.50 Per Item
Plus Postage & Plus VAT
(VAT in the UK)

20 Micron Thickness

(30 Year Plate*)

£7.50 Per Item
Plus Postage & Plus VAT
(VAT in UK)

30 Micron Thickness

(40 Year Plate*)

£8.00 Per Item
Plus Postage & Plus VAT
(VAT in UK)

*References above to 20/30/40 Year Plate are not guarantees of the endurance of the new silver. Replated items may not have as good quality or as robust a base metal as, say, new items that are being made today and one can never be sure what chemicals or contaminants may have come into contact with your item(s) over the years to degrade the metal. In general terms, however, the thicker the coating, the longer it will endure. Having said that, it is only really cutlery items that warrant thicknesses greater than 10 microns.
Prices above are for regular size cutlery/flatware items only.
Speedier time scale options are available but at a higher rate.
For Hostess, large items and non-cutlery pieces, please send a couple/set of digital photos with dimensions that we can show to the factories for assessment and quotation. Be sure to quote sizes and as much information as possible e.g. whether there is a mix of material, a wooden base, whether dismantling is necessary/possible, what is the base metal, is there any damage, etc, etc. Please send to: or use the Image Upload Facility (don't forget to submit the form below first).


Payment will be required in advance of the work being carried out. This can be made via the following ways:

  1. Payment by Cheque, made payable to R P Day & Co.
  2. Online Payment via Credit/Debit/AMEX Card using our secure server.
  3. Via PayPal.
  4. Via Bank Transfer (Details will be provided after Quotation).


We are able to offer bulk discounts for multiple pieces depending on the quantity. Complete in the form below and include the total number of pieces and we will provide you with a quotation.


  • Cutlery
  • Hollowware
  • Trophies
  • Trays
  • Bowls
  • Dishes
  • Ornaments
  • Tea/Coffee Sets
  • Candlesticks
  • Cups
  • Toast Racks
  • Cigarette Boxes
  • Vases
  • Many Other Items

Re-Plating Feedback

More Feedback Is Shown Below


We can also offer you a polishing and/or sharpening service for stainless steel / sterling silver cutlery. Let us know which items you have and what you need doing, and we will get back to you with prices. Silver plated items (EPNS) are not suitable for polishing as this will cause the existing layer of silver plate to be worn down, or even removed.


Turn-around time will be estimated when we send you a quotation. Some items are ready in 2-4 weeks but some might take a good deal longer (up to 12 weeks estimated) depending on the number of items being re-plated and the work schedule of the factory. Some very large items might need to be outsourced and these could take longer still. We will give better estimates with our quotation offer. We will undertake one-off pieces or batches of many items.


We are happy to receive enquiries from national and international customers.


You can be certain that your silverware will be correctly treated, restored and returned to you in an enhanced condition. The factory handle these pieces with precision and care to achieve the highest quality to exceed expectations. Whilst restoration to the precise original condition might not always be possible, depending on the current condition of the piece(s), significant improvements are assured. See the feedback from customers elsewhere on this page.



EPNS is the commonest form of silver plate, particularly for cutlery and this can be readily re-plated.
Sterling Silver *, Copper or Nickel Silver are all capable of being re-plated.
Copper and brass are also good for the base metal (the metal that is underneath the layer of silver plate).
Sterling Silver* pieces can also be re-coated.
Rhodium plating is possible subject to assessment.
Britannia Metal* - This may be marked as EPBM (Electro-Plated Britannia Metal). Please let us know if you have EPBM items.
For other base metals - please see below or ask.
* - Higher price.


There are some base metals and items that are trickier for replating so it would be good to know (if possible) whether the article has any of these metals underneath the existing silver plate:

If you are not sure whether your item is suitable, please ask via the form below and send us a photo or two so that the factory can assess. Alternatively, you can send the item(s) in for assessment. Should it prove to be unsuitable for replating we will only charge you for return postage.


With regard to engraving, there are two types of engraving: Laser Cut or Hand-Cut. Whether it will be retained depends on the depth.
Hand-Cut is rather deeper than if done by laser and will invariably survive re-silverplating.
Laser cut is much shallower and may be obscured.


Do please appreciate that re-plating will not make up for damage sustained over the years e.g. pitted, corroded, chipped or deeply scratched items. Whilst your silverware can be given a much brighter and smoother appearance it may not be possible to overcome significant damage. We don't assert that items can be restored to "as new" condition, but real improvements in appearance will be evident. If you have items that are maybe too far gone, it may be better to consider replacing with new, rather than re-plating. Be assured that if you do choose to have your pieces re-plated that the factory will do the best job that they can.

It is impossible for the factory to always be able to tell whether the base metal is still in sufficiently good condition to accommodate adherance of new silver. Poor metal or metal that has been contaminated over time (some cleaning materials, other chemicals for example) might not plate so well and one cannot totally rule out the risk od bubbling or flaking for example at some future date. Please allow for a possible deterioration in the new plating should the metal be less than entirely suitable.

Only limited repair services are usually accepted by the factory e.g. straightening the tines on a bent fork. Other jobs requiring more major forms of repair will need to be individually assessed by the factory. Good descriptions of what is required together with photos of the work needed should be supplied. See Repairs page for details.

The factory will do their best to preserve any existing engraving.

Dish Before Replating Dish After Replating


Unfortunately, on occasions, damage can occur during the renovation process and this is unavoidable. This may be due to hidden aspects e.g. the tang of a knife blade may be corroded within the handle and may break off. It would be impossible to see inside the handle prior to working on a knife. Some other problems can occur and they might not be foreseeable until work has begun or has been completed. Please note that you will be required to accept the possibility that some items may break or become otherwise damaged/marked notwithstanding the best efforts of the workforce at the factory. If you do not wish to take the risk, then please consider replacing rather than re-plating/re-polishing.

N.B. - Silver plated knives (and sterling silver knives) are usually made with a stainless steel blade. Silver plate is not a durable enough material to be used on a knife blade. It would quickly wear away during use so knives are made with a mix of silver on the handle, and steel on the blade. Therefore, when you seek a re-plating of knives, note that it is the handles only that will be re-plated. It is likely that the factory will give the blades a polish to brighten them up though so some improvement in the blades should be evident.

The factory reserves the right to decline re-plating work after inspection of pieces where damage is too great or there are serious risks of further damage during renovation work. Some items (usually non-cutlery pieces) often have intricate design patterns on them and this makes for more complicated tasks for the re-platers. If you have a bowl or dish for example that has a complicated pattern on it, a good photograph or two would really assist the factory to assess the size of the task and to quote for the re-silverplating.

In the unlikely event of loss or damage to the items that you send in for work, please check that you have insurance that would cover the goods. The factory will take all reasonable steps to safeguard your property but events can sometimes happen that may result in loss or damage that are beyond our or their control. Household contents policies often cover "goods temporarily removed" so this may be worth checking should an unforeseen event happen.


These will be quoted on receipt of a detailed specification from you as to what items you need to be replated and the numbers required. It helps if you can give us an estimated value for insurance purposes when we return the finished item(s) to you. Basic postal insurance is for a low value unless enhanced cover is taken out. Please state the value on the enquiry form below so that your return goods can be covered at higher levels than are provided by basic mail services.
When sending the piece(s) to us, please include: Your Name, Address, Postcode, Phone number, Email address and Insured Value.


Because it is often difficult to locate good matches for your existing stock, and because of the high cost of buying a large number of brand new sets for your hotel or restaurant, you may well find it much more cost-effective to have your existing pieces renovated and re-plated. Special rates may be possible for bulk numbers so please ask. The silverware in a restaurant is not far behind the food as a guide to the quality of the establishment. Don't let your table cutlery let down your restaurant.

Synthetic Handled Knives


We can replace old bone handled knives with new dishwasher-safe synthetic replacement handles. Please fill in the form for details and pricing.

NOTICE: Synthetic handles may be lighter in weight than the original handles which are being replaced and this may affect how the knives lay on the table e.g. the blades may now be heavier than the handle resulting in the blade end touching the table when set.


We can now offer restoration of old and vintage cutlery cabinets. Old cabinets can be redesigned to fit new cutlery.
Standard interior colours are available in black or blue.


Would you like to keep your newly-replated items in pristine condition? We can supply you with Cloth Rolls to store your cutlery pieces. These can hold 12 items in each roll and are available in dark blue or gray and can be supplied in Standard and Teaspoon sizes. For more details and ordering, see here - Standard Cloth Rolls / Teaspoons Sized Rolls.


Please complete the form below or contact us and we will be happy to provide a quote. If you are asking about items other than standard cutlery pieces, the factory will need to assess the cost for quotation purposes so please can you be ready to supply digital photos to assist them. After you have sent the Enquiry Form below, you will be taken to a page with an Image-Upload Interface where the photos can be supplied. Alternatively, you can send us the photos by way of e-mail attachment (to

Items We Don't Need To See Images Of...
  • Butter Knives
  • Cake/Pastry Forks
  • Dessert Forks
  • Dessert Knives
  • Dessert Spoons
  • Fish Forks
  • Fish Knives
  • Fruit Forks
  • Small/Regular Cutlery Items
  • Soup Spoons
  • Steak Knives
  • Table Forks
  • Table Knives
  • Tea Spoons
Items Where Images Will Need To Be Supplied..
  • Baskets
  • Bowls
  • Candle Snuffers
  • Candlesticks / Candleabra's
  • Christening Mugs/Cups
  • Cigarette Boxes
  • Industrial Components
  • Instruments
  • Jugs
  • Tea/Coffee Pots
  • Trays & Dishes
  • Trophies & Cups
  • Vases
  • Anything with an intricate pattern


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Guide: 10 microns is usually adequate for items that do not get heavy usage. Cutlery may warrant 10, 20 or 30 microns.
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