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Re-Handling of Knives, Cutlery Repairs & Canteen Box Restoration

Here we are able to offer you the ability to have your cutlery/flatware restored* to near the condition it was when originally purchased.
* - Some limitations and exclusions apply.

Send us your old cutlery and we will have it repaired and refurbished. It is likely an image or two will be required to help the factory assess the work required.

Postage & Insurance

These will be quoted on receipt of a detailed specification from you as to which items you need to be repaired and the numbers required. It helps if you can give us an estimated value for insurance purposes when we return the re-worked item(s) to you. Basic postal insurance is for a low value unless enhanced cover is taken out. Please state the value on the enquiry form below so that your return goods can be covered at higher levels than are provided by basic mail services.

When sending the piece(s) to us, please include: Your Name, Address, Postcode, Phone Number, E-Mail Address, Insured Value and a Description of the Work Required.

Services Available

  • Cream Handled Knives

    TickReplacement Handles

    The factory are able to fit new handles to existing knives or to replace the existing handle with a synthetic one. We can replace old bone handled knives with new, dishwasher-safe replacement handles. Most people require the handle colour to be light cream but black is also an option. Complete the form below for pricing.

    re-handled knives
  • TickRe-Attaching Handles & Blades

    We may be able to help with re-attaching handles but this is subject to assessment from the factory. There is a risk of damage during separation and processing. Stripping out the old compound is proving troublesome plus there is a risk of the tang snapping during removal. Please consider new handles as the best option.

    We may now be able to assist in replacing knife blades - See below or please ask.

  • TickRe-Plating & Polishing

    Sterling Silver*, Copper or Nickel Silver items are all capable of being re-plated. EPNS is the commonest form of silver plate, particularly for cutlery and this can be readily re-plated. Re-plating will make you cutlery look like new again.
    Copper and brass are also good for the base metal (the metal that is underneath the layer of silver plate).
    Sterling Silver* pieces can also be re-coated.
    * - Higher price.

  • TickRe-Polishing & Re-Sharpening

    We can also offer you a re-polishing and/or sharpening service for Stainless Steel / Sterling Silver cutlery. Let us know which items you have and what you need doing, and we will get back to you with prices. Silver plated items (EPNS) are not suitable for polishing as this will cause the existing layer of silver plate to be worn away. Fill in the form below with details of what is required and we will return to you with a quotation.

    NOTICE: You may notice some polishing compound residue on the pieces when returned to you. This will easily wash off before you use the cutlery again. It is advisable to re-wash in any event owing to the handling in-house that has taken place during working.

  • TickCabinet/Canteen Repair, Restoration & Re-Design

    We can now offer restoration of old and vintage cutlery cabinets. This factory are one of only a handful of companies in the world that can restore old and vintage cutlery cabinets.
    Standard interior colours are available in black, blue or red.

    Old cabinets can be redesigned to fit new cutlery pieces. Custom canteens can be designed.

  • TickStraightening Of Handles / Fork Tines & Removing Dents

    If may be possible to straighten your handle if it has become bent or to straighten your fork tines. Fork tines often wear unevenly. The tips get bent and the outer tines end up being shorter than the two inside tines.

    A knife ending up bent is most often caused by putting it in the dishwasher or soaking in very hot water for an extended period of time. We reccommend against dishwasher use.

    The factory will attempt to remove dents but this may not always be possible.

    Dented Teapot Restored
  • TickRe-Blading

    Old, rusted or broken carbon steel blades are carefully replaced with new martensitic stainless steel blades. Martensitic means that the blades include more carbon to produce a better cutting edge.
  • The process involves carefully removing the old blades, preparing the handles for new cement, installing and finishing the new blades, sharpening and checking.


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Cake Slice Rehandled & Polished


I have received the parcel with the repaired carving knife and fork.thank you. I am very pleased with the result!
Kind regards, SP
stag handle knife straightened