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Re-Handling of Knives, Cutlery Repairs & Canteen Box Restoration

Here we are able to offer you the ability to have your cutlery/flatware restored* to near the condition it was when originally purchased.
* - Some limitations and exclusions apply.

Send us your old cutlery and we will have it repaired and refurbished. It is likely an image or two will be required to help the factory assess the work required.

Services Available


If the old handles are secured by way of rivetting, then this type is not suitable for standard handle replacement as offered here. We can only offer rivetted handles to be replaced by wooden ones and it is fair to say that the cost of making and fitting a new wooden handle tends to be prohibitively expensive compared to the cost of simply replacing. If you have items with rivetted handles, we would recommend checking the many excellent knives that we offer on our site here - Granton Knives.
Also, re-handling cannot be completed on items that have a flat (whittle) tang.

Rivetted handle narrow tang handle whittle tang handle

Whilst restoration to the precise original condition might not always be possible, depending on the current condition of the piece(s), significant improvements should be evident.

Some damage cannot be repaired e.g. deep pitting, corrosion, chips or deeply scratched items but we can always refer damaged items to the factory for assessment. Photos and good descriptions of the problems will help.

If you have items that are may be too far gone, it may be better to consider replacing with new. Previously, we have been sent items that have been found in rivers or gone through waste disposal units etc. so a repair/restoration may still be possible.

You can send the item(s) in for assessment or Submit Digital Photographs. Should the piece prove to be unsuitable for repair/refurbishment we will only charge you for return postage.


Unfortunately, on occasions, damage can occur during the renovation process and this is unavoidable. This may be due to hidden aspects e.g. the tang of a knife blade may be corroded within the handle and may break off. It would be impossible to see inside the handle prior to working on a knife. Some other problems can occur and they might not be forseeable until work has begun or has been completed. Please note that you will be required to accept the possibility that some items may break or become otherwise damaged/marked notwithstanding the best efforts of the workforce at the factory. If you do not wish to take the risk, then please consider replacing rather than repairing/re-polishing. The factory reserves the right to decline repair work after inspection of pieces where damage is too great or there are serious risks of further damage during renovation work.

In the unlikely event of loss or damage to the items that you send in for work, please check that you have insurance that would cover the goods. The factory will take all reasonable steps to safeguard your property but events can sometimes happen that may result in loss or damage that are beyond our or their control. Household contents policies often cover "goods temporarily removed" so this may be worth checking should an unforeseen event happen.

Postage & Insurance

These will be quoted on receipt of a detailed specification from you as to which items you need to be repaired and the numbers required. It helps if you can give us an estimated value for insurance purposes when we return the re-worked item(s) to you. Basic postal insurance is for a low value unless enhanced cover is taken out. Please state the value on the enquiry form below so that your return goods can be covered at higher levels than are provided by basic mail services.

When sending the piece(s) to us, please include: Your Name, Address, Postcode, Phone Number, E-Mail Address, Insured Value and a Description of the Work Required.

How It Works

  1. Complete the Repairs Enquiry Form below and upload photos (The photo upload page is accessed after completing the form).
  2. After hearing back from the factories that we deal with we will then send you a fully a detailed Quotation by e-mail - You get everything you need to know. We give you competitive prices, a guide to estimated turn-around times, postage and insurance costs and our options for safe shipping of your items.
  3. If you are happy with the quotation, complete payment (see below) and post your items to us. If you're local you can stop by with your pieces.
  4. Make Payment -
    • Pay securely online via Credit/Debit Card
    • Pay direct through your bank via Bank Tansfer
    • arrows
    • Pay by post with a cheque - Made payable to R. P. Day & Co.
  5. The factory will then restore your items - They carry out the whole process for you. You don't need to remove any existing finishes etc. All we ask is that you dismantle your parts as much as possible. Any wooden or plastic bases can be removed before sending in.
    • Chemical strip to remove the existing finish
    • Repairs if required
    • Linish and polish to remove marks and blemishes
    • Finished in silver plate or your desired choice of finish
    • Final quality inspection
    The restoration process is highly-skilled and advanced. They have restored 10,000's of pieces.
  6. We return your shiny parts, almost as good as new - The moment the parts are completed we arrange shipment via tracked delivery for safe arrival of your parts back to you.


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Please do not use this form to offer us your own goods

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Cake Slice Rehandled & Polished


Fantastic restoration of knives with new stainless steel blades. They were inherited from my mother which she in turn inherited. They are part of a set but had carbon steel blades. I tried to clean the blades but they stained immediately and permanently again on first use. The new blades fit perfectly and are a pleasure to use. Heartedly recommend.
I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team in the fabulous job you've done on my knives! Firstly, they arrived back so quickly I hardly missed them at all, and the new handles look and feel great. The carving knife is just as good as new.
I really am very pleased. Thank you GW
I have opened the box and the knives look splendid . Thanks for your very good work.
It was nice dealing with you and your company.
All the best, FC
The Kitchin (and Williams) knives have just arrived and are magnificent. They have a new lease of life after finding them in my aunt's kitchen drawer very forgotten and unloved.
Thank you for making them a very useful heirloom. And do thank the folk in the factory for I shall keep you all in mind as I enjoy these and allow my attention to focus on other gems in need of your skills.
All the very best CP
I have received the parcel with the repaired carving knife and fork.thank you. I am very pleased with the result!
Kind regards, SP
Cutlery arrived today. The knives were part of my grandparents' wedding present - so they are about 80 years old. My mother is delighted with the (re-handling) job and pleased they can still be used.
Thanks for help.
The knives have been delivered today (After being re-handled). Thank you for your quick & excellent service.
S W.
I have just got to my house in North Wales after a fraught journey. The knives have arrived and the replacement handles are a joy to behold. Excellent workmanship. I am minded to think about having the others done to match as I am so delighted.
Thank you and your staff. TR
The cutlery arrived safe and sound at 9 o'clock this morning, all very efficient. Thank you very much to you and your colleagues - the results are quite superb. What were always good quality knives, from the days when you only ever bought "Made in Sheffield", have now been returned to their very best condition.
Now confession time - the two knives which had completely missing handles had been very badly treated in the past! The long one, made by Humphreys, lost its handle a good 50-60 years ago, and was used ever after by late father in his garage, for mixing paint and applying filler! When I was clearing his house after he sadly died, I found it on his workbench. I cleaned the blade with Fairy Liquid and hot water, nothing else, and that removed the dried paint and filler (!). Otherwise you received it as I found it. As for the mysterious knife with a curved blade that turned out to be a grapefruit knife, after it lost its handle that too was abandoned on his workbench for a good thirty years, though without suffering quite the same abuse. But both have now transformed by you, and can go back in the kitchen where they belong. Along with the other knives by F A Kirk, if looked after - and from now on they will be - they'll be good for many decades yet.
Thank you once again. AM
Thank you so much for the work you have done rehandling my knives. They look and feel amazing and I'm delighted that we can now continue to use them, hopefully for many years!
Best wishes, RJ
The fork was received this weekend, and I just wanted to say how pleased with the work that your team carried out. They've done a fantastic job of restoring the carving fork and it looks like new.
Many thanks to your team.
All the best, MR
(re-serrated knives) -
Just to let you know that we have safely received our knives back today.
Also, to say a big "Thank You", they look brilliant !!
G and PH
I received my four dinner knives back yesterday after you replaced their bone handles, and I just want to tell you how delighted I am with the result. They're beautiful, and the workmanship is truly excellent. They won't be going in the dishwasher, so I'm sure they will last for at least the next 100 years!
Thank you so much ..... I am recommending your services to all my friends and family.
Kindest regards TAC, UK
A very special thank you Robert for the quality & service you provide. We are absolutely delighted with the fruit knives & forks that we had today. Now instead of looking at them & thinking they are pretty I will be able to use them, my Mum would be thrilled that I had them repaired.
I am so happy to think we still have craftsmen , I am not in favour of the 'throw it away' world that we live in !
We watch the Covid numbers for England & hope you are well, thankfully we are.
... a very sincere thank you, SB, Canada.
I meant to write to you months ago to say how please I am with the new handle fitted to my late mother's breadknife.
It is a splendid job and I am so grateful to you for your help in getting it repaired. Thank you very much indeed.
Kind regards M
Many thanks for the quick return of the knife. We're really pleased with it.
Best DC.
The knives arrived today. Thank you so much. I am delighted with them. What a fantastic job the factory has done. I have stopped putting the knives in the dish washer!! But should I need your services again, I will most certainly be in touch.
I think we probably used your services some 13 years ago. We used to live in Sheffield and had my husband's canteen of cutlery re-silvered to give to his son when he got married. We were very pleased with that too.
So thanks again and also for the speedy, helpful service.
Yours, G.C.
I just wanted to say I received my knife back today with a lovely new handle and I'm delighted. I know the knife has absolutely no value, apart from sentimental, and the job was a very small one - however your attention to detail and customer service has been nothing short of excellent.
I will certainly not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and colleagues.
Thank you again.
Best regards,
S. K.
We are absolutely delighted to the renaissance you have given our knives!
I wish I had found your site a long time ago.
Many thanks,

L. S.
(This customer's knives were re-handled).
I have received the vase base today, many thanks for organising it's refurbishment, it is now fit for purpose and as a friend has said today it will look lovely filled with sweet peas in the summer, the sweetpeas are already growing so we will look forward to the result. Much better than it being in the loft in a box.
I am most grateful.
Best wishes MB, UK
I have just received my forks today and they are amazing compared to how they looked before. When I first saw them after their 24 hours in Silver dip I thought they were ruined. They are now just as good as new.
Thank you very much, JF, UK
"Received the resilvered items. I am so pleased what you have managed to achieve after constant use in our family for 72 years! How you managed to level off the forks is amazing. I shall now look forward to using them for a further 20+ years."
D.C., UK
"My sugar bowl and spoon arrived today and I have just opened the parcel.
I wasn't expecting it to be dealt with so quickly which was a lovely surprise.
They may not be the most unusual items you have had to restore but I feel your care and attention has been very worthwhile. I am extremely happy with the work carried out making the pieces look very special.
Many thanks for your help.
Kind regards, SL" UK
This is just to confirm receipt of the spoons which you re-plated.
Thank you, or thank the factory, for making such a good job of returning the spoons to their former glory, which has not been seen for many a long year. I was surprised by your ability to turn old spoons with bent rims into something that looks new: a really brilliant job!
Sincerely, DR, UK
The tray arrived back safely last Friday - and I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with your work. This is not an empty compliment: I've buffed a fair bit of metal on a mop in my time and did a creditable amount of amateur yet advanced silversmithing in my twenties. So I know the difficulty of removing scratches on an extensive flat surface without making it look like a washboard. Your people have done a wonderful job and I'm very appreciative of the the effort they made. Please thank them for me.
With kind regards,
T. M.
stag handle knife straightened